How Does Our Enforced Learning Work?

We ensure that student does not just buy and forget. In our Classroom as well as online program, we follow up and remind the student.

Here's how it works.

Video Classes


  • Videos with embedded tests prepared by outstanding instructors
  • Each video module covers a topic in depth. Subtopic-wise grouping to facilitate deep dive into the concepts
  • Modules have embedded problem sets to reinforce concepts and test understanding
  • Learn at home (as per our schedule) or at a ConceptOwl-enabled school or tuition center

Online Practice & Testing


  • If you can solve even 50% of our problems, your confidence will be sky-high
  • More than 70,000 questions by India’s top faculty from Kota
  • Practice topic-wise problem sets categorized by difficulty level, question type
  • Practice and testing pattern designed to build confidence
  • Mock tests to practice under real exam conditions and tackle any exam with poise
  • Rigorous testing and practice to make students fearless and self-assured

Doubt Solving


  • Doubts are an integral part of the learning process, something that we take very seriously
  • We encourage students to contact us with their doubts which we resolve at the earliest via email/video/phone as needed
  • Our teaching partners receive continuous support from ConceptOwl instructors to help resolve difficult doubts

Learning Enforcement & Evaluation


  • This is the key – we ensure that the learning process is on track
  • We track the learning path of each student with carefully chosen metrics
  • If learning goals are not met, alert messages are sent to the student and parents
  • The aim is not to punish the student, but to understand what is stopping him or her from progressing
  • Our trained and compassionate academic counselors provide support every step of the way
  • Detailed performance analytics sent to the parents and teachers every month
  • One-on-one discussions on the learning progress of student

Not Just For Students

Schools, coaching centers, and small home tutors can deliver top-tier learning through ConceptOwl without spending a rupee on hiring instructors.

Why limit the learning potential of your students just because you are not located in a metro? You can now provide top-tier learning to your students, regardless of where you are.

  • Our platform is highly customizable. We work with each school to design a program that is in sync with their curriculum.
  • Our school programs are much sought-after by tier 2/3 schools who may not have access to high quality teaching staff
  • We empower schools and teachers with access to top quality videos and other content
  • Our partner schools usually pick one of the following two formats
    • In-Class video based delivery to supplement the school teaching efforts
    • After-school program for students who want more rigorous learning

The biggest challenge in running a coaching center successfully is heavy dependence on star instructors. What if we bring the star instructors to you?

  • Eliminate instructor dependence through high quality videos created by top instructors
  • Role-based access to coaching dashboard to control and customize the learning experience of your students
  • Manage multiple batches with no hassles
  • Create your own question papers (or pick one of ours) and assign them to students
  • Monitor batch or individual performance
  • Track high performing students to ensure they are meeting their learning goals
  • Track low performing students for corrective action

Are you an educated woman looking for a second chance at building a career? Work from your home and earn extra income for your family through our Home Tutor Partner program.

  • After having children, restart your career
  • You don’t have to teach but just run the program
  • Show initiative, zeal, and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Bring out and polish your hidden skills and talents
  • Become a ConceptOwl-certified home tutor