Who We Are

ConceptOwl is pioneering a twin-track approach to learning.

Track 1: Building great learning habits using a scientific approach ('Ultralearning')
Track 2: Teach science and maths online, with 1-on-1 mentor support

Students often waste a lot of their study time because of passive and unfocused learning. Smartphone distraction has made the 'lack of focus' an epidemic.

We help students reset their poor learning habits, and use techniques such as active recall and focused learning. We combine that with mentor supported online programs for science/math, for students in classes 8th-12th.

We are soon launching stand-alone habit-building programs, including morning routines. These will also be offered to professionals and graduates. Stay tuned.

Meet Our Team

Rajan Singh

Founder, CEO
Rajan is a former IPS officer turned science educator. He is an IIT graduate and Wharton MBA. He has worked as Trivandrum Police Commissioner, a McKinsey Consultant, and a Private Equity investor.

He founded ConceptOwl to bring quality science learning to tier 2/3 cities without compromise in quality.

Nisha Salim

Head of Product & Operations

Nisha was the first employee of ConceptOwl and has played a crucial role in building the product right from its early stages. She now heads Product and Operations.